PT. Indigo Mandiri Sejahtera
Our Company

PT. Indigo Mandiri Sejahtera (Indigo-Creation) is a furniture manufacturer in Cirebon, Indonesia. After several years add the team with a divisions of synthetic wicker outdoor furniture besides the regular ones Indoor Nature furniture divisions, PT. Indigo Mandiri Sejahtera was officially established in 2007. Since then focuses on improve the manufacturing capabilities with Kiln Dry chamber , wooden maker workshop , and cushion maker workshop.

Cirebon city, where we are located, is acclaimed the world center of weaving. Experience in creating various weaving techniques, lasting experiences from generation to generation has caused the city earn international fame for weaving. To preserve the legacy, our weaver engages to always improve weaving techniques. And we can only do this with the assistance of local weaving technique experts that pass the knowledge to our skillful weavers.


Our Outdoor Product

Innovation. Comfort. Durability . Nature . These are what you will experience from each of our synthetic wicker fur niture. Our spirit of innovation, beyond doubt, colors and excites the worldwide market of furniture. Our collaboration with our vendors on texture and color development has enabled us tocreate more natural rattan color and texture. Less plastic look. More natural look. Innovation goes handin hand with creativity and comfort.At Indigo, we treat each production seriously and creatively at the same time. We listen carefully and professionally to our customers’ inputs because producing wicker furniture is, for us, about catering customer’s needs and about lifestyle. Creativity improvement and comfort will only leave you happy and contented for many years to come. To the brew of creativity and comfort, we generously add durability so you can place our outdoor furniture in the open space for the whole 365 days with no worries. All synthetic weaving materials used to produce our furniture have to pass outdoor durability test and the international standard of UV test. Our weaving material vendors Virofiber and Ecogreen have been strictly selected as we only work in partnership with vendors whose commitment to durability, color consistency and on time delivery is unquestioned. So far, Indigo has been using a wide range of framing materials: Powder coated aluminum, stainless steel and the list goes on as we keep innovating with new materials aiming to produce only the finest synthetic wicker outdoor furniture for our worldwide customers. Nature. It is our company policy to always use toxic-free and lead-free materials. Our powder coating line, for instance, uses toxic-and-lead-free material right from pre-treatment process until powder coating process. Our concern for nature does not stop here. Our Water Treatment Plan neutralizes the waste so we can dispose the waste without causing any harm to Mother Nature. Still in the spirit of green living, we turn some space of ours into green for air circulation and a better environment to live in.

Our Indoor Product

Wooden furniture, Recycledteakfurniture, Reclaimed teak furniture, Rattan furniture, Sea-grass furniture, water hyacinth furniture, banana furniture, Rattan kobo grey furniture, Basket craft. Rattan Kobo Grey Furniture, Wicker Furniture, Reclaimed Teak Furniture, Recycled Teak Furniture, Combination furniture, Sofa Sets, Arm Chair, Dining Chair, Mirror, Lamp Table, Coffee Table, Buffet, Beds Set Accessories, Laundry Racks, Basket, Shelf Unit, and more kind made as customer demand. Our People To present only the best to our customers, we make a substantial investment in our R&D department, this creative department has continuously and abundantly generated product innovation on framing, synthetic rattan fiber colors and textures, weaving techniques, design, comfortability, and durability in order to create products that meet the needs and wants of our world-wide customers. And to support the development of our upcoming products, Indigo will soon have more new facilities set in the premises.


Our Partners

To date, Indigo has collaborated with business partners from Europe, USA , and Australia, supporting their strong international brands by specifically designing creations for each country. Our synergy has boosted the sales volume, even during the global crisis. Thanks to solid cooperation and mutual trust with our partners, with 350 competent employees, our production capacity now reaches 150 containers per year. This production capacity is currently being multiplied as we plan to establish more partnerships with more countries across the world.